Immune System Boost

Our Immunize IV treatment is just what you need to kickstart your immune system into high gear! Strengthen your body against attack this flu season with our proprietary high-dose formula.

Potential Benefits


Glutathione, Minerals, Sodium Chloride, Vitamin C, Zinc


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Benefits of IV Hydration

Prevent Illness

Boost your immune system and avoid or reduce illness and the severity of its effects.


Lower free radicals in your body, improving mental clarity and general cognitive function.

Brighten Skin

Hydration encourages clearer and healthier skin.

Instantly Hydrate

Restore essential nutrients and electrolytes while rehydrating and flushing your body of dangerous toxins.

Boost Energy

Combat fatigue at the source while giving yourself an energy booster.

Improve Wellness

Maintain lean muscle mass and tissue while absorbing the fullest measure of the vitamins your body needs.

IV Hydration Therapy
assists with treating:

Give your immunity a
boost to fight illness!

Don’t get caught unprepared this flu season! Our high-dosage Immunize blend is safe, effective, and painless.


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A certified IV specialist will come to you in 45 mins or less.


Relax and revive while you hydrate anywhere you want.