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What Are the Benefits of the Myers Cocktail?

If you’ve heard of intravenous therapy, you’ve likely heard of the Myers Cocktail. Decades before IV therapy became so readily available outside of hospital settings, this cocktail treated people suffering from a range of conditions. The main ingredients in the Myers Cocktail are vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and magnesium, which is delivered by a sterile saline solution.

How Does The Meyers Cocktail Work?

Vitamin B12 provides brain, blood, bones, and eye health, as well as the regulation of mood and energy levels. Meanwhile, vitamin C helps to boost immunity, support iron absorption, and reduce risk factors associated with heart disease. Magnesium regulates blood pressure, supports the immune system, and helps with nerve and muscle function.

Intravenous nutrient therapy allows for high doses of these ingredients to be delivered straight into the bloodstream. The Myers Cocktail has been used to treat asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other long-term conditions. There have also been positive reports about its ability to relieve fatigue, migraines, and upper respiratory tract infections. Let’s look at some of the benefits in greater detail.

A Healthier Circulatory System

Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C can reduce risk factors for high blood pressure and other cardiovascular illnesses. These vitamins work together to improve heart health. Vitamin C can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, and cholesterol is a significant risk factor for heart disease.

Improved Nerve Health

Some people who have fibromyalgia also find the Myers Cocktail helpful. That’s likely because Vitamin B12 and magnesium play a major role in nerve health. A deficiency in Vitamin B12 can lead to nerve damage that causes fibromyalgia.

Greater Ability to Beat Colds and Flus

Many people get the Myers Cocktail because they want to improve their immunity or stop getting the cold or flu so frequently. The high dose of Vitamin C in the vitamin drip is responsible for this benefit.

Disease Prevention

Vitamin C fights free radicals which are responsible for cellular damage and a variety of diseases. When you have low levels of free radicals in your body, your general health improves, and you contract diseases.

Improved Memory

Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C deficiencies can cause poor memory. Even in people who don’t have deficiencies, low vitamin levels can affect recall. The brain naturally loses neurons with age, but the process can slow down. Regular treatments with the Myers Cocktail can ensure your brain cells remain healthy.

Get the Benefits of the Myers Cocktail in Your Home or Office

If you get frequent colds, struggle with chronic illness, or simply want to boost your energy levels, you may benefit from the Myers Cocktail. IVMeNow can visit you wherever you are in South Florida and administer the treatment. Contact us today to book an appointment or ask questions.

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Fight the Dreaded Stomach Flu with IV Therapy

Stomach flu is the common name given to viral gastroenteritis. This is an infection of the intestines and stomach that results in nausea, vomiting, watery diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and on occasion, fever. Naturally, it can make you feel dreadful and you’ll have to miss school, work or important social events. Since there is no specific treatment for gastroenteritis, the usual remedy is to treat your symptoms, hydrate, and rest.

However, one of the best ways to relieve symptoms of stomach flu is with IV hydration therapy. This treatment rehydrates, puts vital nutrients back into your body. And it also can deliver antacids and anti-nausea medications directly into your bloodstream. If you get IV therapy as soon as you begin to notice symptoms, you’ll feel better faster. And you can get back to your regular activities.

What’s Included in An IV Solution for Stomach Flu

When you get IV therapy, the formula will be customized to your needs. The ingredients mix with a sterile saline solution that guarantees 100 percent delivery to the bloodstream. You will likely receive:

  • Vitamin B12. Gastroenteritis can make you feel worn out and generally unwell. This will help to boost your energy levels and mood.
  • B-complex vitamins. These eight vitamins support many of the body’s functions. They help to support your immune system.
  • Vitamin C: This can boost immunity and increase your anti-oxidant levels.
  • Anti-nausea medication. Your IV can include ingredients to calm your stomach and make you feel more comfortable.
  • When you have gastro, your stomach will produce excess acids. Antacids will neutralize them. This can bring you some relief as you recover.

Book an Appointment with IVMeNow Today!

No one wants to develop stomach problems. Sometimes, despite your best efforts to avoid illness, you can’t always prevent it. Regardless of how you picked up a virus, vomiting, and diarrhea are likely. If you woke up with the tell-tale signs of a stomach bug, contact our highly trained professionals at IVMeNow.

We offer mobile hydration IV services throughout South Florida and we can visit you at your home, hotel, or office. The treatment takes less than an hour. It’ll will boost your body’s ability to fight viral illness. Call us today to get fast relief from your symptoms or get more information about how our treatments work.

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Feeling Fatigued? IV Hydration Therapy May Be the Solution.

Everyone feels tired from time to time. Working long hours at the office, dealing with household chores and still remaining active in the community can make it difficult to get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep every night. However, if you’re constantly feeling exhausted, you may have fatigue.

People tend to use tiredness and fatigue interchangeably. But they’re not the same. If you have fatigue, you may feel constantly tired. However, you’re also likely to experience headaches, dizziness, aches, and pains. You may find it difficult to sleep or even think clearly. And you may even find yourself battling flu-like symptoms. Several things can lead to fatigue. It is important to get to the root of your symptoms. However, in many cases, IV hydration therapy can make you feel much better.

Common Causes of Fatigue

Fatigue is often a symptom of another illness or it a standalone condition. It is often caused by:

  • Poor nutrition. What you eat is directly linked to how you feel. If you eat too much sugar or processed food and consume meals of poor nutritional value, this can contribute to fatigue. Deficiencies in B vitamins, iron, folate, and other nutrients can affect your mood and energy levels.
  • Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to your muscles, brain and other organs. Anemia occurs when you have fewer red blood cells than you need. And it’s a major cause of fatigue.
  • This is a chronic condition characterized by widespread pain that has no specific cause. Symptoms include mental fog, fatigue during the day, and joint and muscle pain. People who have fibromyalgia find it difficult to concentrate on tasks.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome. Unexplained, extreme fatigue that lasts more than four months is considered chronic fatigue syndrome. It is more likely to occur in women and people between the ages of 40 and 50.
  • Fatigue is also a major symptom of diabetes along with excessive thirst and urination. If the condition is untreated, it can cause dehydration. This can also contribute to fatigue.

Benefits of IV Therapy

IV hydration therapy isn’t just for hospital settings. With IVMeNow’s mobile hydration IV services, you can get a boost of fluids and nutrients while in your home, hotel or office. IV therapy is the fastest, most effective way to get vital nutrients into your bloodstream. The solution can be customized to suit your nutritional requirements and health challenges. With hydrating fluids and electrolytes and high doses of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, your energy and mood will lift. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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How IV Therapy Can Help With Dehydration

The human body needs water and other fluids to perform all its normal functions. When you lose or use more fluids than you consume, dehydration results. If you don’t replace the lost fluids, your short and long-term health could be compromised. sometimes dehydration is due to very simple things like being forgetting to drink because you’re busy or you’re not feeling well. However, it can also be due to:

  • The higher your fever, the more dehydrated you’re likely to be.
  • Diarrhea and vomiting. Sudden, violent diarrhea can cause you to lose a lot of water and electrolytes in a short space of time. If you’re vomiting as well, you’ll lose even larger amounts of fluids and minerals.
  • Excessive urination. If you have uncontrolled or undiagnosed diabetes or you’re taking diuretics or some blood pressure medications, you’ll need to urinate more.
  • Excessive sweating. If you exercise or engage in other physical activity and you don’t replace the fluids as you go, dehydration is the natural result. If the weather is warm and humid, you’ll lose even more fluids.

Effects of Dehydration

Dehydration can lead to a range of serious complications, including:

  • Urinary and kidney issues. If dehydration is prolonged or repeated, it can result in urinary tract infections, kidney stones and in severe cases, kidney failure.
  • Electrolytes like potassium and sodium assist in carrying electrical signals between cells. If you have low levels of these minerals in your body, the signals can get mixed up. This can lead to uncontrolled muscle contractions and possibly a loss of consciousness.
  • Heat injury. If you’re engaged in physical activity and you’re sweating a lot without drinking enough, you may experience mild cramps, heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.
  • Hypovolemic shock. This occurs when low blood volume causes blood pressure and the amount of oxygen in the body to drop. It can be life-threatening.

Treating Dehydration with IV Therapy

Mild cases of dehydration can be addressed by drinking water, sports drinks or rehydration solutions. However, moderate to severe cases may require IV therapy. There is only so much fluid one can drink quickly before beginning to feel ill. If you’re already unwell, drinking a lot will be difficult. Intravenous drips are a much more effective way of giving the body the fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients it needs.

Since the solution bypasses the digestive system, you’ll begin to feel the effects almost right away. Whether you’re an athlete, a festival goer, or an extremely busy professional, IV therapy can make you feel like yourself again when you’re dehydrated. Contact IVMeNow to learn about our mobile hydration therapy services in South Florida.