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How IV Therapy Can Make You More Productive at Work

Regardless of the type of job you have, it’s important that you’re productive at work. Productivity gives you a sense of personal satisfaction and it can even get you a promotion or bonus. If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your output and efficiency, you may have been looking at technology or time management solutions. However, you may not have considered improving your health and trying IV hydration treatment.

How IV Therapy Can Improve Productivity

What you consume has a direct impact on your energy levels, mood, and ability to focus on your work. If you eat lots of sugar and carbohydrates and try to get by on caffeine, you won’t be at your best. When the buzz wears off, you feel tired and it’ll be difficult to concentrate. Your productivity will take a hit. To improve your work performance, you need a consistent supply of vitamins and minerals. When you have the necessary nutrients, your mental and physical wellbeing will improve, and you’ll be better able to give of your best.

Improving your diet and taking oral supplements will of course help you to get on the right track. However, it can take weeks before you begin to notice a significant difference. If you have to work on a big project right now or you’re starting a new job, you’ll want something quicker and more efficient. That’s where IV therapy comes in. This is the fastest way to replenish vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Since the IV bypasses the digestive system and goes straight to the bloodstream, your cells get immediate access to the nutrients.

What’s more, the treatment can be tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you want to boost your energy levels, improve the function of your immune system, increase brain function or maximize your physical performance, the appropriate ingredients can be included in your drip. You’ll get a medical screening before your treatment and you can discuss your goals with your IV treatment professional, so you get exactly what you need. Common ingredients include vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, and glutathione. They’re placed in a saline solution that offers the added benefit of instant hydration.

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Can IV Therapy Boost My Nutrient Intake After Bariatric Surgery?

The prevalence of obesity in the United States was estimated to be above 40 percent between 2017 to 2018. While many people use diet and exercise to help them lose weight, some people undergo bariatric surgery under the advice of their physician. While reducing the size of the stomach facilitates weight loss, it can also reduce the amount of nutrients the body can absorb. As you know, your body needs a wide variety of nutrients to support good health. Oral supplements are an option. But IV therapy is the most efficient way to increase your nutrient intake following bariatric surgery.

How Bariatric Surgery Affects the Body

Bariatric surgery can be done in a number of ways. Your physician will recommend the best option for you based on your needs. Regardless of how the surgery is done, it will be very difficult for your body to absorb the nutrients it previously did. If you don’t get enough vitamins and minerals, you’re likely to expect several health problems. This can include headaches, fatigue, and depression. To prevent this, your doctor will probably give you a long list of supplements. You may need to take them for the rest of your life.

Why IV Therapy Can Be So Beneficial

IV therapy can make it a lot easier to get the nutrients that you need. Taking high doses of oral supplements can upset your stomach. It can also cause diarrhea. Furthermore, only a small portion of what you take will reach your cells. However, when you get IV treatment, the nutrients will be delivered directly to the bloodstream. They will bypass the stomach and intestines. You’ll begin to feel the effects within hours. And you wouldn’t need to take such a high dosage by mouth.

IV therapy can help you both before and after your procedure. The solution can be customized to meet your specific health needs. Regardless of which vitamins, minerals, and amino acids go into your drip, they’ll be added to a sterile saline solution that will instantly boost your hydration.

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Whether you’re planning to get bariatric surgery or you’ve already had the procedure, you’ll need to ensure you get adequate nutrition. IV treatment can give you a fast and efficient boost. Call our experienced and knowledgeable team today to book an appointment or ask questions.

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Get Relief from Symptoms of Lyme Disease with IV Therapy

Lyme Disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the United States. It is transmitted to humans by black-legged ticks. If you visited a wooded or grassy area in warm, humid Florida, an infected tick may have unknowingly attached itself to you. Symptoms of Lyme Disease include headache, fever, fatigue, and a rash known as erythema migraines. If the condition goes untreated, the joints, heart, and nervous system can become infected.

A few weeks of antibiotics can usually treat Lyme Disease. But some people experience fatigue and muscle aches for months after. IV therapy is especially helpful for people with chronic symptoms. Boosting the amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in your body can bring relief and help you to recover faster.

People with Lyme Disease are often very fatigued, and they may experience flu-like symptoms three to 30 days after being bitten. If they don’t get treatment, pain, heart palpations, dizziness, and facial palsy can develop. Not only does IV therapy provide instant hydration but it provides the nutrients patients are often lacking.  If you have Lyme Disease, you may benefit from vitamin B6, vitamin B12, Vitamin C, glutathione, and magnesium. An NAD IV drip can also prove to be helpful.

Why Not Just Take Oral Supplements?

Often, when people aren’t feeling their best, they take an oral multivitamin. There’s nothing wrong with this. However, if you’re trying to fight illness, you may need a much higher dose than you can reasonably take orally. Also, when supplements pass through the digestive system, the body doesn’t absorb the full amount. IV hydration treatment ensures that your cells get access to 100 percent of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants delivered via the drip. IV therapy can reduce inflammation, boost your immune response, and lower oxidative stress.

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Lyme Disease can make it very difficult to carry out your regular daily activities. Working, playing with your kids, or simply taking a walk may be painful and exhausting. Antibiotics will bring the infection under control, but they won’t provide the vital nutrients you need to help you fight the illness and get back on your feet. If you want to live your best life again, call IVMeNow and ask about our South Florida mobile service. Treatment is delivered by highly trained personnel and it’s tailored to your needs. Book your appointment today!

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I’m a Runner. Can Hydration Therapy Help Me to Improve My Performance?

Hydration therapy is crucial for athletes. When you have enough fluids in your body, you’ll perform better. Your muscles will work more efficiently, and you can stave off headaches, fatigue, and muscle cramps.

There is no doubt that you have seen traditional water stations that accompany endurance races. However, you may not have realized that some events also have IV therapy stations set up. This is not surprising since hydration therapy provides several benefits. For example, it allows for fluids and electrolytes to be delivered directly into the bloodstream. When you consider that you can only drink so much before you begin to feel unwell, you’ll see how beneficial this type of treatment is.

Why Hydration Therapy is So Important

Running long distances causes changes in the body. Blood gets redirected from the digestive system to the muscles, while water and electrolytes excrete through sweat. When you push your muscles to their limits, you cause slight damage to the tissues and cells. With prolonged activity, the body will release the stress hormone cortisol, which can affect the immune system. Normal kidney function can also be reduced because of the lack of fluids and the limited blood flow to your organs. Also, you’ll feel inflammation and soreness as your muscle tissues begin to heal.

You must hydrate before, during, and after your event. This helps to limit the issues we discussed above. However, if you drink too much, you run the risk of throwing up because the digestive system loses the ability to process food and liquids properly. So how do you get the hydration and nutrients you need? IV therapy is faster and more effective than drinking water. It provides fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients without requiring your kidneys or digestive system to work harder.

Of course, you don’t only focus on the big event. You spend a good deal of time training. Hydration therapy can also be used during your preparations to ensure you don’t suffer the effects of dehydration while you’re going through your paces. Many athletes find that hydration therapy helps them to perform better for longer periods.

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If you’re a runner or any other type of athlete, you can likely benefit from IV therapy. The sterile saline solution can be customized according to your needs to ensure you get exactly what you need. Call us to book an appointment or ask questions about our mobile service.