IV Therapy

How IV Therapy Can Improve Your Overall Health and Wellness

If you’re looking to improve your health and wellness in the long term, intravenous therapy might be the way to go! Most people have never heard of this kind of treatment, but IV therapy is quickly gaining popularity as it becomes more accessible worldwide.

Getting an IV therapy treatment can be overwhelming at first, as you’re exposed to needles and strange fluids within your body. The thought alone can be unnerving if you’re unaccustomed to the procedure.

However, once you start to see the long-term benefits of intravenous (IV) treatments, you may wonder why you waited so long to get one in the first place!

When administered by experienced professionals, IV therapy treatments are safe and effective for people who want to enjoy their best health and wellness.

Increased Energy Levels

Getting enough vitamins and minerals is critical to keeping your body running at a high level. If you have a vitamin deficiency, it can lead to feeling fatigued, which can make life more difficult. When you are fatigued, concentration becomes difficult. This can lead to a domino effect of other problems, such as poor eating habits and not getting enough exercise.

However, getting more vitamins into your system through an IV infusion can improve your energy levels over time without having to make drastic lifestyle changes. Moreover, any lifestyle changes you do want to make will be much easier to implement, because you have more energy to do so.

Furthermore, since you can do more things and feel better overall when you have more energy, this will benefit your health in the long run as well. Additionally, IV Therapy can help improve circulation, which also increases energy levels.

Improved Immunity

Your immune system is your body’s natural defense against infection and disease. When it’s functioning properly, it can protect you from a wide range of illnesses. However, you risk getting sick more often when it’s not working properly.

IV therapy can help improve your immunity by delivering nutrients directly to your cells. This allows your cells to function optimally, which in turn helps your immune system work more effectively.

Detoxify Your Body

Toxins can enter our bodies through the food we eat, the water we drink, and even the air we breathe. Over time, these toxins can build up and lead to health problems. IV therapy can help remove these toxins and improve your overall health.

The types of toxins we’re exposed to every day can have a negative impact on our health. Because of the various pollutants in our environment, many of us have high levels of heavy metals in our bodies, which can lead to health problems.

It can also lead to poor brain function, mood swings, and low energy levels. Even healthy people should consider undergoing IV therapy as part of their regular health routine. This will ensure that your body gets the nutrients it needs for optimal wellness.

Reduce Migraines

IV therapy can also help with migraines. These headaches are notoriously hard to deal with, but they can be helped by IV therapy. If you regularly suffer from these debilitating headaches, consider booking an appointment at a wellness center. It’s a relatively safe procedure that can be administered at home or work within minutes, so you don’t have to miss out on anything important for you to enjoy this treatment.

NAD+ Supplements

The Best NAD+ Supplements for Treating Autoimmune Conditions

In humans, our immune system is our front line of defense against illness. When it works, it keeps us alive and healthy. But for a small percentage of the population, things go awry, and the immune system attacks the body instead of the illness. This is called an autoimmune disorder. Autoimmune conditions present themselves in many different ways, like irritable bowel syndrome, Type 1 diabetes, lupus, and psoriasis. For individuals suffering from these conditions, supplements may provide some relief.

Supplements for Autoimmune Conditions

A dietary supplement is any compound that is ingested to enhance or benefit a condition. For example, weight loss supplements aid in dropping a few pounds. Daily vitamin supplements enhance our regular nutrition to ensure that we’re getting all the micronutrients that we need for a healthy system. And, for autoimmune conditions, a biochemical compound called Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide or NAD supports healthy immune function in patients with certain autoimmune conditions.

What Do NAD+ Supplements Do

The biochemical NAD+ naturally occurs in all cells in the human body, supporting a wide range of healthy functions by supporting sustained energy production and transfer between cells. In other words, it’s the fuel that allows each cell in the body to do its job.

This looks like:

  • Maintaining healthy nerves
  • Building and maintaining muscle mass
  • Protecting the heart
  • Slowing the aging process
  • Combatting stress 

NAD+ levels naturally decline with age, and as a result, the body ages, loses muscle mass and strength and often succumbs to cardiovascular disease or a variety of other illnesses. Similar low levels of NAD+ are also seen in patients of varying ages that suffer from different autoimmune conditions. This means NAD+ supplements could help treat some autoimmune conditions.

Oral or IV: Which is the Best NAD+ Supplement

While there are plenty of supplement options in any pharmacy and even entire retail establishments dedicated to selling various supplements, not all supplements are created equally. In fact, oral supplements may be the least effective form of supplementation – losing a good chunk of their nutritive value in the digestive process. Instead, intravenous administration can effectively target every cell in the body through the bloodstream, delivering the intended supplement and maximizing the results.

How NAD+ Supplements Help Treat Autoimmune Disorders

The simple answer is that these supplements replenish essential compounds that support healthy cell functions throughout the body. But to fully understand how these supplements provide relief, let’s look at some specific autoimmune conditions.

Type 1 Diabetes

This devastating condition takes a toll on the body. While the body is unable to produce insulin, a chemical that helps control blood sugar levels, patients who suffer from diabetes often see a long list of conditions secondary to their diabetes. Nerve damage like peripheral neuropathy often results in the loss of a foot and is one of the more common secondary ailments of the disease. An NAD+ supplement helps maintain healthy nerves and may prevent some of the additional sufferings that diabetes patients are prone to.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS)

This is a group of intestinal-related diseases that include things like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. These conditions are altogether unpleasant, ranging from frequent diarrhea to more serious problems like bowel obstructions, ulcers, malnutrition, and an increased risk of colon cancer. Administering an NAD+ supplement may reduce inflammation in the intestinal tract and relieve frequent suffering for IBS patients.


This autoimmune condition causes rapid skin cell production, producing red, painful patches of thick skin. Besides being unsightly, psoriasis is painful, and the inflamed areas are prone to cracking and bleeding. NAD+ supplementation may reduce cell proliferation and inflammation, providing some much-needed relief.

The Bottom Line on NAD+ Supplements & Autoimmune Conditions

Those who suffer from debilitating autoimmune conditions are likely to welcome relief in any form. One way that relief may come is by intense NAD+ supplementation using IV administration. Boosting NAD+ levels in the cells can reduce inflammation and the effects of stress. It also supports nerve function and cardiovascular health. As a result, you can prevent illness, slow the aging process, get more energy, and improve your overall wellness. Learn more about IV supplements now.


What is Glutathione? All the Facts You Need to Know

Glutathione is the most abundant antioxidant in the human body, and it plays many vital roles in your health. It fights oxidative stress, repairs damage caused by toxins, and boosts your immune system.

Glutathione (GSH) is considered the master antioxidant of the body. It boosts antioxidant activity greater than vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene. It plays an essential role in detoxification, immune system function, and mitochondrial health.

Glutathione deficiency has been linked to numerous diseases. By increasing your glutathione levels through supplementation or other means, it can benefit your health.

Here are all the facts you need to know about this antioxidant. Learn how it works in the body, and how you can maximize its benefits in your life.

What Is Glutathione?

Glutathione – a small peptide found in nearly every cell of the human body – has particularly high concentrations that exist in the lungs, liver, and gastrointestinal tract.

The main role of glutathione in our bodies is as an antioxidant. With a high concentration of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in our cells, it helps to neutralize free radicals that could otherwise cause damage to DNA, lipids, and proteins by donating electrons during redox reactions.

Our bodies rely on antioxidants like this for protection against oxidative stress, which has been linked to many conditions, including cancer and neurodegenerative disease.

This leaves us with one important question. If we don’t have enough of it or cannot make it, how can we keep our bodies healthy and functioning properly? The answer lies in consuming precursors, which convert into the antioxidant once they reach your cells.

If you’re looking for a natural way to increase the way your body’s stores this antioxidant, then you should try supplementing with glutathione precursors. You can also obtain it without a supplement precursor but directly through your diet.

How To Boost Glutathione

Your diet has a huge impact on your glutathione levels. So, start with these simple tips to help boost your glutathione naturally.

Drink lots of water – While you want to avoid hydrating yourself too much (and ending up with hyponatremia), drinking at least two liters of water a day will flush toxins out of your system. This helps get rid of these toxins which can harm your cells.

Sleep – Sleep is an important part of daily health. Our bodies use sleep as an opportunity to restore and repair muscles, fight off free radicals, balance hormones, improve brain function. And, yes, boost this antioxidant’s levels.

Glutathione-boosting diet – Eating glutathione-rich foods, like cabbage, broccoli, spinach, brussels sprouts, fish, garlic, onions, and beets, will help your body produce more of its own. You can also boost these levels with supplements; dozens of these types of supplements are on sale today.

Look for a formula that contains whey protein and B vitamins? They’re commonly used with an enzyme called gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase to enhance the production of glutathione naturally.

Additional Things To Know

Glutathione has shown promising results in reducing oxidative stress in patients with a wide range of conditions. However, taking it can cause side effects such as nausea, rashes and even swelling, which may cause discomfort.

It’s important to be aware of possible reactions so that you can take precautions before starting treatment. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns or questions about taking supplements or medications containing glutathione.

Your doctor will advise you on how much would be safe to take. This is often based on your medical history and your current health condition.

Glutathione helps with stress levels, toxin damage, and immune system health. With a balanced diet and health regime, glutathione levels increase naturally, while supplements can help with deficiencies. In either case, it is an important antioxidant that plays a critical role in your overall well-being.

IV Therapies

Types Of IV Therapies To Boost Your Immunity

Whether you’re just starting to feel the signs of cold and flu season or have been run down for the past few months, boosting your immunity with IV therapies might be just what you need to feel better faster.

There are several types of IV therapies that can help improve your immune system and keep you from getting sick, including vitamin and mineral infusions, antioxidants, IV saline hydration, and more. Find out more about them below.

Zinc Injection

If you’re an athlete or under a lot of stress, your immune system could use some TLC. A solution containing 500 milligrams (mg) of zinc will significantly decrease stress and improve mood. It also helps with colds by boosting your levels of disease-fighting white blood cells.

Don’t take it more than twice per week, though, as that can cause more harm than good in some cases. Zinc is available in oral form at lower doses. This would be ideal for maintenance when you’re not feeling poorly.

Vitamin C Infusion

Vitamin C is a natural cold remedy that has been around for years, and many believe it can help reduce your risk of catching colds and flu. Since vitamin C is water-soluble, it helps maintain healthy tissues throughout your body. It is also an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals in your body. This may prevent cell damage from environmental toxins.

A vitamin C infusion is a relatively simple procedure. You’ll receive a dose intravenously, and most patients describe feeling rejuvenated after their treatment. The best part about receiving vitamin C intravenously is that you don’t have to deal with any nasty side effects or a crash later.

Hydration Therapy

After a long day, you might feel like nothing can stop your flu-like symptoms. But there is something that can help. Hydration therapy. When dehydrated, every system in your body works less efficiently—including your immune system.

While you may have heard about IV therapies and their benefits, likely, you don’t know how they help and how effective they can be at boosting your immune system and alleviating flu symptoms. Hydration therapy helps to rehydrate the body. Plus, they put back any nutrients lost due to dehydration, helping the body recover quicker.

Iron Infusion

An iron infusion is administered to patients with low blood iron levels and/or anemia. Iron is a mineral that plays a key role in making red blood cells. Women are at greater risk for deficiency than men due to menstrual cycles and pregnancy.

Infusions can be as simple as replacing iron-saturated fluids or involve transfusing whole blood or specific components within it. Your doctor may recommend eating more meat or taking dietary supplements for mild deficiency.

If you have a moderate-to-severe deficiency, your doctor will likely recommend an infusion before allowing you to increase your iron intake through diet alone. If your body doesn’t absorb enough nutrients from food, which is common among people with liver problems, you may need an infusion.

Vitamin B12 Infusion

A vitamin B12 infusion is an intravenous vitamin B12 shot that boosts immunity and overall health. It can be given either as a single dose or over time. A physician will administer a vitamin B12 shot through a vein in your arm, and you may feel some discomfort or tingling in your arm during or shortly after treatment.

If a vitamin B12 shot makes you feel worse instead of better, alert your doctor immediately, as it could mean that you are suffering from pernicious anemia. To get started with any treatment for improving immunity, schedule an appointment with your local healthcare provider today!

Flavonoid Injection

Flavonoids are extracted from various foods, particularly citrus fruits. They are potent antioxidants that help fight off infections and support a healthy immune system. Research suggests that flavonoid injections may be beneficial in reducing symptoms associated with upper respiratory tract infections, influenza, colds, allergies and asthma, autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS), arthritis, some cancers (breast cancer), and cardiovascular disease.

In addition to its antioxidant properties, flavonoids might also stimulate an anti-viral response by activating phagocytic cells (white blood cells). To boost your immunity naturally during cold or flu season—or any time of year—ask your doctor if a Flavonoid injection may be right for you.

Vitamin Intramuscular Shots

Vitamin Intramuscular Shots: What They Are, And Why You Might Need Them

Vitamin intramuscular shots commonly boost the absorption of vital vitamins and minerals into the body, such as vitamin B12, calcium, and iron.

Intramuscular injections are typically used in a clinical setting. But they can also be beneficial in other situations, such as before athletic events or during periods of fasting or starvation, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC).

Interested in receiving intramuscular injections but do not know how to go about doing so? Take some time to familiarize yourself with intramuscular injections. You can also learn why you might want one from your doctor or other medical practitioners.

Types Of Vitamin Intramuscular Injections

The two common types of intramuscular vitamin injections are Lipoceutical and B12. There are also intramuscular shots for cholesterol medications and other supplements. In these instances, people use muscle injections instead of taking them orally.

These injections go directly into your muscles, where they absorb rapidly. Such injections are great if you do not like swallowing pills. But it is important to follow your doctor’s advice when it comes to doing so. This is because most medications have a different dosage when injected versus taken orally.

Who Can Use Vitamin Intramuscular Injections?

Athletes commonly takes these types of vitamin shots to increase endurance, strength and speed. Anyone whose body needs an extra boost can benefit from taking vitamins intramuscularly.

Other groups that might take advantage of intramuscular injections include older adults and people with eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. Vitamin B12 injections can help improve memory for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

These are just a few examples of situations in which vitamin shots can be helpful. Always consult your doctor to see if you are a good candidate for these types of vitamins.

How Often Should You Have Vitamin Intramuscular Shots?

How often you need vitamin intramuscular shots depends on your situation. If you have a known deficiency in a certain vitamin or nutrient, then every day injections may be advised.

The shots will give you an extra boost, but they are not enough on their own. Lifestyle factors will always be important. Also, keep in mind that these shots wear off after a while. If you continue to get them regularly without making any lifestyle changes, you could wind up just as malnourished as before.

For these shots to succeed, you must make some changes in your life, and then come back for another shot. It works best that way. Plus, people are less likely to get sick of getting vitamin intramuscular shots when they know there is an actual reason for them.

When And Where Is The Shot Administered?

Vitamin intramuscular shots are not something that you can do on your own. Instead, you will have to make an appointment with your doctor or other medical providers.

The best time to go in for your shot is generally at the beginning of your day or right after a workout. The vitamin intramuscular shot works best when placed into warmed up muscles ready for action.

The most common places to get vitamin intramuscular shots are in your buttock and thigh muscles. These locations can vary slightly depending on what you are getting a shot for and how much you weigh.

IV Therapy

Boosting Your Immune System with IV Therapy

The topic of immunity is perhaps getting more attention than it ever has. With the coronavirus pandemic raging on and the possibility of a severe flu season, many people are eager to improve their immune systems. Your immune system protects you from viruses, parasites, cancer cells, and other things that can cause you harm. However, your immunity can lessen because of poor diet, chronic stress, lack of sleep, autoimmune disorders, and other factors. While there are many things you can do to boost your immune system, one of the most effective is IV therapy.

How to Support Your Immune System with IV Therapy

You can improve your immunity by eating foods rich in antioxidants and using over-the-counter supplements. However, IV drips are a more efficient way to strengthen your defenses against cold and flu and other threats to your health. IV therapy delivers vitamins and minerals directly to your bloodstream. 

It involves the delivery of fluids and nutrients into veins via infusion. Commonly referred to as a drip, the IV bag usually contains saline, electrolytes, sodium, and dextrose. Other ingredients may also be added depending on the individual’s needs. 

When you take oral supplements, your body can’t absorb the full dosage since it has to be processed by the digestive system and absorption is often compromised. In contrast, nutrients delivered via IV are completely absorbed because they bypass the digestive system. They also become available to the body a lot faster.

In addition, IV therapy allows you to take in much larger doses of nutrients than you would be able to take via food or oral supplements. IV treatments also help to remove free radicals that can lead to the build-up of toxins in the body. This can reduce the function of the immune system.

While one treatment may make you feel better because of the vitamin B and increased hydration, your immune system will benefit most from regular IV therapy sessions. Free radicals cause damage over time but IV therapy can flush them out and prevent them from causing long-term damage.

Try Our Super Immune IV Treatment

If you’d like to reap the benefits of intravenous therapy, ask us about our Super Immune IV. It contains vitamin C, B vitamins, zinc, and magnesium. Call us today to schedule an appointment or find out if this treatment is right for you.

girl with hangover seeking iv therapy for hangover relief

Why People Are Getting IV Therapy for Hangover Relief

Hangovers. We’ve all had them! We all don’t want them. Nonetheless, when nights out involve alcohol, friends and good memories, it’s hard to resist. Well, you’ll be glad to know that you can now plan on saving time and the added effort! Welcome IV therapy for hangover relief into your life. An IV therapy drip that has been proven to alleviate hangover symptoms in as little as an hour is available to you, right in the comfort of your home!

No more 24+ hour recovery days. No more headaches, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. Recover quickly with IV therapy just for your hangover.

Why am I feeling like this?

To understand how IV therapy for hangover relief works, we need to explore hangovers a little more in depth. Hangovers are caused when alcohol strips the body of necessary nutrients and hydration. Dehydration is one of the biggest and debilitating culprits for bad hangovers. A typical hangover varies but could consist of:

  • Cotton mouth (extreme thirst or dry mouth)
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Sensitivity
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness

Alcohol has been known to impair the release of the hormone that tells the kidneys to hold on to water. When you feel unwell after a night of drinking, it’s because you’re excreting not just alcohol, but water as well. You feel weak and tired because toxins accumulate from the breakdown of alcohol in your body.

Because of these toxins, cells become damaged. These cells need time to recover after the toxins are processed and removed from the body.

Hangover symptoms can last up to 24 hours and it seems like the older we get, that recovery time only increases. With IV therapy for hangover relief, necessary fluids are delivered as an intravenous injection. This gives the body instant gratification by directly injecting the essentials for recovery right into the bloodstream. You can also avoid taking anything orally for those of us who suffer from nausea during a hangover. In addition to fluids, IV therapies can have a cocktail of pain meds and anti-nausea medication to speed up recovery time. This cocktail of medication, nutrients, and water will relieve much of the suffering a lot faster than a jug of water and french fries.

Why consider IV therapy for hangover relief?

IV therapy is not a new treatment. IV drips have been used for many years in the medical field, specifically in hospitals. It’s very common to use these treatments to hydrate patients, restore nutrients that have been lost, and administer medications. It is the fastest route to healing the body–faster than drinking water, eating food, or taking oral supplements. By bypassing the digestive system, you can ensure the patient receives 90 to 100% of what they lost and will find their recovery times much shorter. On the other hand, taking oral supplements, drinking water or eating food takes time to process, digest, and can’t guarantee full absorption.

Common IV hangover cocktails

There are typically four main components to an IV hangover cocktail (although they can vary):

  • Water: helps with blood circulation and flushes toxins
  • Vitamins: amino acids, B1, B12, C, Calcium, Folic acid, Zinc to replace what the alcohol depleted in the gut
  • Electrolytes: potassium and sodium alleviate nausea, vomiting and fatigue
  • Glutathione: a super antioxidant to help detoxify the liver

IV therapy for hangover relief is a quick way to recover by rehydrating, removing toxins, and restoring nutrients in a matter of 30 to 60 minutes.

IV therapy for hangover relief is faster than water intake

Waking up with a dry mouth and downing a bottle of water or Gatorade may only temporarily quench your thirst. That’s because the water is being absorbed in the mouth and throat. In addition, it may take a few hours before it’s absorbed in the lower gastrointestinal tract. This means the hangover can last longer than you’d like.

With IV therapy for hangover relief, you can hydrate and replenish your body immediately with fluids being administered directly into your bloodstream.

Studies have shown that to completely absorb 500ml of water, it could take anywhere up to 2 hours! Your body can only absorb 1 liter at a time. So depending on how dehydrated you are, it can easily take an entire day to catch up with just oral ingestion.

Even though we drink water everyday, sometimes the remedy to dehydration calls for more than water. You need electrolytes as well as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium. Curing that hangover with the levels of fluids and nutrients your body precisely needs is simple, quicker, and helps you feel better than just with food and water.

The worst part of a hangover for many people is the nausea. It’s even worse when accompanied with vomiting. It feels impossible to keep even water down in the amounts you need to consume it. Even if vomiting isn’t part of your hangover, trying to eat or drink anything turns into a trigger.

Intravenously adding anti-nausea medication and bypassing your digestive system won’t add to the suffering! These medications can be mixed with your cocktail and immediately settle your stomach.

In short, the best and fastest way to cure a hangover is with IV therapy for hangover drip cocktails. Talk to your healthcare provider about finding the right combination of fluids and vitamins to help you recover and feel your best faster. No need to suffer if you don’t have to!

Interested in IV therapy for hangover relief? Call IV ME NOW!

IV therapy for hangover relief is the absolute fastest and easiest way to cure a hangover and get back to your regular schedule. Get rehydrated with IV ME NOW and feel better in no time!

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iv therapy to boost immune system

Using IV Therapy to Boost Your Immune System

There are many ways to boost your immune system. Healthy diets, supplements, exercise, etc. are all great practices that can ensure your body is getting what it needs. However, it’s not always that simple or easy. Although oral supplements can support a healthy lifestyle, they’re not always the answer. They can take time to break down during digestion and the body can only absorb so many nutrients at one time, leaving the rest to waste.  Fortunately, there is a highly effective alternative: IV therapy. IV therapy can be the answer to helping the body absorb 100% of the nutrients you need quickly. With an IV, the nutrients get delivered directly into the bloodstream, skipping the digestive system altogether.

The digestive system tends to break down some of the nutrients you intake before they can reach any organs. When taking oral supplements, the body may only absorb 20% to 50% of the nutrients and may not be able to guarantee the boost you need. With IV therapy immune support, the body absorbs 90% to 100%.

Considering the majority of adults are dehydrated on some level, fighting off colds or the flu when you’re stressed/malnourished is a lot harder. Combining fluids with minerals, vitamins, and nutrients is the best way to keep your body’s nutrients at optimal levels. This includes and affects the balancing of hormones and improving the immune system.

This is vital when it comes to IV therapy immune support. It’s a convenient and sure-fire way to get antioxidants directly to the cells.

Immediate IV therapy immune system benefits

An IV drip can help you fight against the flu, colds, and anything that might be causing fatigue or stress, especially during our fall and winter months where the cold and flu is more prominent. IV therapy for the immune system has been proven to be much more effective than oral supplements when it comes to fighting off bacteria.

IV therapies are administered for a number of reasons, mostly to help replenish and hydrate the body quickly. IV therapy specifically to boost your immune system helps prevent infections and provides the body with what it needs to fight off bacteria and viruses.

The necessary supplements are administered through a small tube that is connected to one of your veins. In minutes, your body receives 100% of the necessary vitamins and nutrients. It’s painless (unless you really don’t like needles), short, and can last up to three weeks.

Ingredients you might find in an IV therapy for your immune system

Depending on what you’re trying to remedy, your IV cocktail may contain different nutrients. Talking to your healthcare provider will help you decide which ingredients will be best for your needs. Some of the most common and basic IV therapy ingredients you might find could be:

  • B-Complex Vitamins
  • Hydration Fluids
  • Vitamin C
  • Glutathione

B-Complex Vitamins – B-complex vitamins help your body turn food into energy, keep the immune system functioning, support the heart, and maintain overall good health. You can find B-Complex vitamins in a variety of foods.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C is a necessary antioxidant that helps maintain the immune system by producing white blood cells, removing free radicals that can cause damage to the cells, and protects the body from infections and disease.

Hydration Fluids – Ensuring your body is hydrated is necessary for improving your immune system, which allows the body to prevent infections or help treat infections like a cold.

Glutathione – Glutathione is an antioxidant made up of glycine, cysteine and amino acids. This helps reduce cell damage from free radicals, detoxes the body, supports the immune system and fights autoimmune diseases.

Long term IV therapy immune system benefits

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, migraines, respiratory infections, allergies, malnutrition, or health conditions that prevent proper absorption, IV therapy could help your immune system!

IV therapy as an immune system booster can not only help current issues but also prevent future ones. The immune system reveals a lot throughout the body when it starts to weaken. If you relate to any of these, you may need a little boost:

  • Long-term stress can put a strain on the body and lead to health issues and a weak immune system
  • Lack of proper sleep could lead to a sleep disorder that can adjust the quality of your body. Without proper sleep, the immune system cannot function the way it needs to.
  • Overly fatigued. This also can be a result of lack of sleep or another reason. This lack of energy could be a reason to talk about treatment options including IV therapy immune support.
  • Autoimmune disorders can show up in a variety of ways. When the body attacks its own healthy tissues, an immune boosting IV therapy drip could be of some help. Consult your doctor about treatment.

IV therapy for your immune system has been studied to have a list of benefits for all people. Anyone can talk to their healthcare provider about this treatment and the powerful benefits it can offer for people who deal with a multitude of concerns. Depending on what you’re being treated for, IV therapy for your immune system can:

  • Prevent long-term damage
  • Improve overall health
  • Prevent infections and diseases
  • Use antioxidants to fight free radicals
  • Flush toxins
  • Repair damaged tissue
  • Promote growth of muscle and bones

How long does IV therapy for your immune system last?

The entirety of the treatment can last up to an hour. The benefits from treatment can last up to several weeks. The treatment is considered a common and safe treatment for all patients. It’s mostly common to get IV therapy as frequently as every week. Patients have also seen equal benefits from having treatment every 2 to 4 weeks.

Talk to your healthcare provider about IV therapy treatments for your immune system. It’s important that a professional administers your treatment properly. If you’re considering an IV therapy drip, IV ME NOW can help!

Call IV ME NOW for more information on IV therapy for your immune system

If you’re looking to give your immune system a boost, hydrate your body, and promote better health, IV therapy may benefit you!

Call IV ME NOW for more information or book your mobile visit online!


intense workout dehydration

Benefits of IV Therapy for Dehydration

We all know the importance of staying hydrated. Everyone’s been told hundreds, if not thousands of times since they were a kid. Staying hydrated means making sure to drink plenty of water necessary for your body to function. But, how do we know how much our body needs? There are plenty of ways to measure how much water our body needs to stay healthy and hydrated. One of these ways is to work with an IV Hydration specialist. IV therapy for dehydration has been recognized as being one of the most beneficial dehydration remedies, not just for the active and fitness minded, but also for everyday people. It even shows better rehydration results than just drinking water. Here’s how:

IV therapy for dehydration involves administering electrolyte enriched IV fluids directly into the patient’s bloodstream. Intravenous therapy (or IV therapy) is a form of treatment in which fluid is delivered into a patient’s veins via an IV drip. This type of therapy is currently being used in clinics and hospital settings for all kinds of patients who are dealing with immune disease, dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, etc.

What causes dehydration?

Dehydration is when the body loses more fluids than it is taking in, and you don’t have a sufficient amount of fluids in your body to function properly. Having the right amount of fluids in the body helps to regulate the digestive, circulatory, urinary, and lymphatic systems, as well as body temperature.

Signs/effects of mild dehydration:

  • A flushed face
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Thirst
  • Cramps
  • Dizziness

Dehydration can be a serious condition. It can cause a person to develop a weak pulse, bloated stomach, rapid-deep breathing, and can result in hospitalization. Mild dehydration can usually be reversed by drinking more water or taking in electrolytes; however, if not remedied quick enough, mild dehydration can progress into a more serious case. Severe dehydration usually requires more than just drinking more water, in which case, the quickest way for the body to absorb fluids would be through an IV.

Signs/effects of severe dehydration:

  • Lethargy
  • Unconsciousness
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Confusion
  • Inability to urinate

Severe Dehydration can potentially be life-threatening. If not treated, it can cause the body to shut down, leading to damage of the brain and other organs.

Benefits of IV therapy for dehydration

IV therapy for dehydration delivers more than just fluids efficiently

To stay sufficiently hydrated, it takes a lot of water. When you normally drink water, it mostly gets absorbed in your throat and along your digestive tract. The rest of your body and tissues need fluids as well. IV therapy for dehydration delivers fluids directly into your bloodstream. This delivers the fluids immediately to the tissues that need hydration, faster and more efficiently. When you’re absorbing more fluids than you take in, it can be harder to get back to a healthy level of hydration. Also, when fluids get lost, so do nutrients and electrolytes. IV therapy for dehydration can not only help to rehydrate the body, but also put the lost nutrients back when they’re needed quickly.

IV therapy is easy on digestion

Drinking fluids in excess to replace lost fluids is not entirely effective. Your body can only absorb so much at one time and can become rough on your digestive system. When your body hits its limit, it sometimes gets rid of the excess fluids by flushing it out along with a lot of the nutrients your body needs. IV therapy helps to create less waste and allows your body to retain the fluids and nutrients it needs to function optimally without relying on the digestive system.

It will help you recover from exercise more quickly

Whether you’re an athlete or just someone who lives a fitness-minded lifestyle, hydration is extremely important. Fluids during a workout help to alleviate muscle stiffness, soreness, replenish energy levels, and help to recover faster. With the addition of nutrients and vitamins in the IV cocktail, you can replenish all you lost faster and aid in recovery post-workout. This can help you start to feel better in little to no time.

IV therapy for dehydration especially benefits athletes who push their bodies to the limit. To compete at the highest level, they require a consistent flow of fluids, nutrients, and vitamins to maintain their peak levels of performance. IV therapy for dehydration helps to hydrate quickly and effectively. It also helps to maintain muscle and tissue recovery while promoting muscle development. IV hydration therapy can deliver amino acids (the building blocks for protein growth) and aid in muscle size, strength and recovery. You will also see a number of other benefits, such as:

  • Effective and quick hydration
  • Recovery after competition
  • Endurance boost
  • Maintaining tissue
  • Development and maintenance of muscles
  • Flushing free radicals

You can customize your hydration plan

Because everyone’s biology is different, we all have different needs. Like most things health-related, one size doesn’t always fit all. The state of our body plays a role in what we might need. For example: What is your current health status? What is your activity level and overall lifestyle?

Depending on what you need: energy, immunity or skin boosts, athletic recovery or hangover recovery, IV therapy for dehydration can be customized to your body’s needs with the accurate addition of nutrients to your fluids.

It helps you boost your immune system

With quick immunity boosting compounds like Vitamin C and B12, IV therapy can help you avoid even the most common illness. Unlike oral supplements, these vitamins get delivered directly to your bloodstream. This makes the therapy more effective in boosting your immune system quickly, speeding up treatment without relying on digestion and losing some of the nutrients along the way.

Bye-bye toxins

IV hydration therapy helps with flushing toxins from the body. When dehydration sets in, it could affect your body in many ways. For instance, constipation causes a build up of toxins and can damage the liver and kidneys. IV therapy for dehydration can help flush out these toxins with the proper amounts of fluid your organs and body needs.

IV Therapy helps with quick hangover recovery

We’ve all experienced a night out followed by a whole day in bed. Alcohol naturally dehydrates you especially if it’s over consumed. Alcohol causes tissues in the body to shrink which causes those awful hangover headaches. At the same time, your liver is continually trying to filter out toxins from the alcohol. When you don’t replenish all that is lost, the next day’s hangovers can look like:

  • Nausea
  • High BPM
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Stomach pains
  • Muscle aches
  • Dizziness

These symptoms can last up to 24 hours. IV therapy for dehydration can help remedy hangovers quickly. With a combination of anti-inflammatory medication, electrolytes, vitamins, anti-nausea medication, etc. you can replenish your body within an hour! Why have a prolonged hangover if you don’t have to?

IV therapy for dehydration is great for everyone!

Oral supplements can help, but there is no guarantee. With nutrients being lost during the digestion and absorption process, it’s harder to recover quickly from dehydration. IV therapy for dehydration can help you overall by:

  • Reducing hangover symptoms
  • Fight fatigue
  • Quickly remedy dehydration
  • Accelerate healing
  • Increase energy
  • Maintain strength of the muscles and tissues
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Improve the immune health and response

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If you’re looking for IV therapy for dehydration to help you feel happy and healthy in no time, IV ME NOW is ready to help!

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man receiving myers cocktail service in his home

How to find the best Myer’s Cocktail service near you

What is a Myer’s cocktail?

The Myer’s cocktail was created by John Myers, M.D. to help treat people who’ve suffered from chronic ailments such as:

  • Asthma
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It doesn’t stop there, though. The Myer’s cocktail has been used to treat a variety of conditions because of its effectiveness in helping people fight infection, illness, allergies, fatigue, and more. This IV drip has been used to treat:

  • Acute muscle spasms
  • Stress
  • Inflammation
  • Acute viral illness/colds
  • Angina
  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Acute asthma attacks
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Season allergies
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Immune support
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Fatigue
  • Athletes who need quick recovery
  • Migraines
  • Tension headaches
  • Narcotic withdrawals

As a result of the Myer’s cocktail treatment, patients have reported improved energy levels, better sleep, better overall health, and more. Because of that, everyone from people fighting a cold to people with intensive workout schedules would opt for this treatment. The Myer’s cocktail treatment has been one of the most popular vitamin treatment therapies for sixty years, restoring your body to a healthy state.

So what’s in the Myer’s cocktail?

The Myer’s cocktail can be tailored to each individual’s needs. It’s a combination of vitamins and minerals that are concocted for each individual person. You can find any combination of the following:

  • Calcium
  • Glutathione
  • Normal Saline
  • B-Complex
  • Vitamin B-12
  • High Dose Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Thiamine
  • Dexpanthenol
  • Pyridoxine
  • Zinc
  • Selenium

It’s known to be effective in managing illness as a supplement to regular medications. This way, patients can get relief without the side effects that are typical for some medicines like NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

What is the process of receiving the Myer’s cocktail?

Services like IV ME NOW in South Florida offer an array of IV therapies. If you’re looking for a Myer’s cocktail service, but you’re not sure what you need, you can call to find out what our infusion specialists suggest for your perfect IV treatment. Discussing medical symptoms and conditions, we can help you decide what works best for you.

A well trained, licensed Registered Nurse or IV specialist will administer your IV therapy. The entire process could take upwards of 45 minutes depending on individual needs. Your specialist will then insert a catheter into your vein to start the IV drip. This portion takes up to 30 minutes as your Myer’s Cocktail flows directly to your bloodstream. Prior to treatment, it is recommended that the patient is well hydrated and has eaten a good meal.

Once your session is over, the specialist cleans up and you are ready to continue your day as normal. Talk to your specialist about follow up visits and frequency of therapy.

Generally, your positive results are instant!

Are there any side effects of the Myer’s cocktail?

Side effects are possible, but they are rare. The main takeaway is to make sure your therapy is being administered by a trained medical professional who can monitor you. As for the average person, the possible side effects could include injection site soreness or slight feelings of heat. Additionally, some patients who did the treatment on an empty stomach may feel light-headed or faint.

With ingredients like magnesium, which is known to work as a vasodilator which causes an expansion of the blood vessels, the Myer’s cocktail has the possibility to lower your blood pressure. This may cause some light-headedness. It may also create a warmth and flushing feeling from the rapid rise in magnesium all at once. For side effects like this, talk to your doctor about lowering the rate at which the IV drip enters your body.

Most patients experience no side effects from the treatment. If you have questions or think you might be experiencing a reaction, let your specialist know as soon as possible.

Finding an IV therapy provider just got easier!

Finding a Myer’s cocktail service near you just got easier! Visit IV ME NOW for more information on the IV infusions we offer, or talk to a specialist about your condition and needs. Servicing areas from Jupiter, FL all the way down to Miami Beach, finding a treatment is easier than ever. Fitting it into your schedule is even easier, because our team of professionals comes right to you!

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Our team of specialists in South Florida is here to serve you. Whether you need help choosing the right IV hydration therapy or you want to know what to expect during your appointment, we’ll gladly assist you. You can reach out to us, or book a mobile visit. We’re excited to help you feel happy and healthy again!