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Using NAD Patches to Treat Anxiety and Depression

The human body is complex in its biology. It can become increasingly complex when we consider mood disorders or how we experience emotions. Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mood disorders people experience these days. When we consider anxiety, we must also think of other types of mood disorders. These include panic disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, phobias, and social anxiety. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. Anxiety affects nearly 40 million adults over the age of 18.

People with anxiety and depression are 3-5 times more likely to seek help from a doctor, as well as experience hospitalization in connection to mental health issues. Seeking understanding and support of any kind can truly go a long way.

How do NAD patches help people affected by anxiety and depression?

In order to answer this question, you should understand how anxiety and depression affect the brain. Then, we can discover the benefits of NAD/NAD+ treatments and the effects it has on bettering your mental health and strength.

Depression will affect your brain chemistry

As mentioned above, this is a very complex neurological issue that we have only begun to understand more in the past century. There are so many varying types of depression and anxiety, and they all have many factors that contribute to what we experience.

What we do know is that different amounts of stress, depression, and anxiety cause chemical changes in our brain. The main benefit of NAD/NAD+ treatments is that they aim to restore proper brain chemistry by strengthening the energy production within our cells.

How NAD patches can help with anxiety and depression

Research on NAD/NAD+ has shown that the levels of NAD in our brain are directly related to multiple biological processes. Having the proper levels of NAD/NAD+ helps our brain’s neurotransmission. This affects things like short-term and long-term memory, our ability to retain and receive new information, and our resilience to any tissue damage in our brains.

Nutritional therapy treatments, that include NAD/NAD+, can help with numerous functions in our cells. For example, they help with maintaining our cell’s energy production. They also help with increasing the effectiveness of our cell’s DNA repair, and regulating our body’s nervous system.

Having the right levels of NAD in your body can help counteract the progression of neurodegenerative diseases, as well as improve our general cognitive function. In some studies, proper levels of NAD were seen to protect brain cells in animals from the type of degeneration that can contribute to Alzhemier’s disease. This protection can guard your cells against additional forms of stress and keep them healthy and active.

Our brain’s role in energy distribution

There are some strong connections between the strength of your brain cells and the risks of developing any sort of neurological disorders like Parkinson’s, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease.

Our brain can be the most energy-intensive organ. Whether we are active or even at rest, our brains will be using energy in order for us to function properly. Having the right elements to convert and transport that energy is vital to proper cognitive and mental health.

Not only that, but NAD helps our bodies function well in so many ways. When it comes to the benefits on our brain specifically, this powerful coenzyme plays a massive role in activating sirtuin.

How do sirtuins help our brain function properly?

Sirtuins are enzymes that help our brain regulate its energy consumption. They play a huge role in repairing damages from stress, and protecting your brain and nervous system. Research has shown that some sirtuins will assist in the growth of new neurons.

Why do we need NAD/NAD+?

We can look at NAD/NAD+ as a building block that comes together to create our DNA. This is the information that makes up who we are, and tells our body how to function.

With all living things, there is decay over time. For the human body, it means that over time, our DNA weakens both in structure and in function. What we may experience is that important roles like digestion or metabolism become imbalanced or lose partial functionality.

Our metabolism is important in deciding where the energy from our foods will go in our body. These reactions can both produce energy or consume it. They are all interconnected and they all require energy to be exchanged.

NAD keeps us going, literally

NAD is one of those important coenzymes that helps to direct all of this energy. It manages the chemical energy throughout your body. It is needed to keep our hearts beating and our lungs breathing, NAD  also allows our muscles to relax and contract properly. We wouldn’t be able to process our thoughts or interpret the electrical signals in our brain without the NAD to help move cells and energy around.

By strengthening your NAD levels, you can help your body treat illnesses and conditions of all kinds. When it comes to mental health, the brain’s ability to process energy is crucial in helping decision making, memory forming, and information processing.

The brain requires a lot of energy. Ensuring it has the proper levels of NAD it needs to function can help with the progression of any natural declines we experience over time. The boost that you receive from NAD/NAD+ treatments can help in restoring the natural balance of your brain’s chemistry and your body’s energy.

How Do NAD/NAD+ Patches Work?

There are many ways to receive NAD; by gel, tablet, and even through IV. If you don’t want to sit for IV treatments, a lot of people will go with NAD patches.

The patch uses positive and negative charges to deliver the NAD throughout the body. Depending on the patch, it will instruct you to keep it on between 4-8 hours. These patches can be helpful for anyone who is detoxing, or simply does not prefer needles.

Using the patch can be as easy as applying it overnight. They are best applied to areas without any hair. Most people like to use their shoulders or hips. Avoid applying any other types of ointments, creams, gels or other topical medicines because it will disrupt the area of absorption of the NAD patch. Be sure to check if your NAD patch is waterproof or water resistant before taking it near water or even outside while sweating.

Receive NAD infusions or NAD patches today!

Many nutritional therapy services specialize in different types of supplements. Be sure to consult with your doctor in order to understand what is best for your personal situation.

Many people struggle with mood disorders and feel that they need help in coping with it. Seeking wellness supplements like NAD Patches or NAD Infusions can be a good choice. Reach out to us so you can discover more about what services may be helpful in your efforts to be your best self and maintain your health.