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Get the Benefits of Zinc via IV Hydration Therapy

Zinc is an important trace mineral that’s found in cells throughout the body. Your bones, tissues, organs, and bodily fluids all rely on it. Zinc supports the function of the immune system and is necessary for cell division, cell growth, carbohydrate breakdown, and wound healing. This key nutrient also has a role to play in thyroid function and blood clotting.

Zinc is typically absorbed through the digestive system from foods like pork, beef, chicken, nuts, and lentils. At the same, it plays a critical role in digestion. If you have poor digestive health because of a condition like leaky gut syndrome or celiac disease, you may have low zinc levels even if you consume enough. Low zinc can result in a compound issue since the body requires zinc to digest food in order to get the zinc it needs. You can see how this would make it difficult to benefit from zinc-rich foods or even oral supplements.

Fortunately, IV hydration therapy bypasses the digestive symptoms. It delivers zinc and other nutrients directly into the blood. Regardless of your level of digestion, you’ll get an immediate improvement in your zinc levels.

Signs of Low Zinc

If your zinc levels are low, you may experience:

  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Wounds that take a long time to heal
  • Digestive problems
  • Low libido
  • Infertility
  • PMS
  • Brain fog
  • Poor concentration
  • Cravings

IV hydration therapy can play a big role in ensuring your zinc levels are adequate.

How Zinc IV Therapy Can Help You

Getting a concentrated dose of zinc can provide several benefits. These include:

  • A stronger immune system. A zinc deficiency will quickly weaken your T-cells – the defenders that recognize infection and multiply to fight it off. When these cells can’t do their jobs effectively, you’ll be more prone to illness.
  • Improved brain function. Large amounts of zinc are found in the hippocampus – the area of the brain that controls learning and memory. Zinc also works with vitamin B6 to ensure the brain’s neurotransmitters are working properly. When you get IV therapy that includes zinc, you may help to boost your mental functioning.
  • Enhanced athletic performance. If you want to build strength and improve your physical performance, you need to ensure you consume enough zinc. That’s because zinc assists in the production of several hormones including testosterone and growth hormones. Zinc can also improve recovery from strenuous exercise.

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The Role of Magnesium in the Body and How You Can Get It Via IV Therapy

The body needs magnesium to support over 300 biochemical reactions. Not only does this mineral help to ensure that your nerves and muscles function adequately, but it supports your immune system, heart, and bones. Magnesium also assists with the production of protein and energy. Plus, it keeps blood glucose levels in check. Researchers also believe magnesium may help to prevent and manage diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. You can get magnesium from your food but an additional way to ensure you get enough is through the Myer’s Cocktail, a well-known IV therapy solution. Lack of magnesium most likely occurs in older people, individuals with Type 2 diabetes, those with gastrointestinal disease, and those who abuse alcohol.

If you don’t consume or absorb enough magnesium, in the early stages you may experience, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness, and loss of appetite. Moderate deficiency usually results in numbness, tingling, seizures, abnormal heart rhythms, personality changes, and muscle cramps. Severe deficiencies cause low blood calcium and low blood potassium. Let’s look at how the Myer’s Cocktail IV hydration treatment works.

The Myer’s Cocktail Explained

This cocktail was around for decades. It is made up of a sterile saline solution, vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and magnesium. If you choose to get your magnesium this way, you’ll also get increased hydration and the benefit of these additional vitamins. Vitamin C boosts immunity, improves the absorption of iron, and lowers risk factors for heart disease. Vitamin B12 regulates energy and mood and helps to support the health of the eyes, brain, blood, and bones.

While these vitamins are most often oral supplements, IV hydration therapy ensures they go straight into the bloodstream. Otherwise, they would have to go through the digestive system. Then the full dosage wouldn’t be absorbed. IV therapy is fast, efficient, and effective.

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If interested in including magnesium in your IV hydration therapy solution, reach out to our team today. The procedure is painless. We offer a mobile service throughout South Florida. Our licensed nurses perform a medical screening before we administer treatment so we can ensure you get the fluids and nutrients you need. IV therapy is most effective if you get regular treatments. Schedule an appointment today or call us to ask questions.

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The Benefits of Glutathione in an IV Hydration Treatment

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that supports the proper functioning of many of the body’s systems. It plays a role in everything from strengthening your immune system to preventing you from showing signs of premature aging. Even though glutathione is extremely important, it often isn’t properly absorbed when taken orally. That’s why many people opt to boost their glutathione levels with IV hydration treatment.

When consumed orally, glutathione has to be broken down by enzymes in the stomach before it can be absorbed. Not all of it makes it into the bloodstream. With IV hydration treatment, it quickly goes directly into the bloodstream and bypasses the stomach. This ensures that the full dosage is absorbed.

Why Glutathione is so Important for Wellness

Glutathione is made up of three amino acids: glutamic acid, glycine, and cysteine. As an antioxidant, one of its main functions is to help you to fight illness and injuries. It binds to free radicals and helps to remove them from the body.

Glutathione IV treatment can improve the symptoms associated with a number of conditions including:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • AIDS
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Dementia

Even if you don’t have a disease, you can still benefit from increasing your antioxidant levels. Glutathione can boost your immunity, increase your energy levels, and improve the health and appearance of your skin, hair, and nails.

Glutathione and Aging

IV treatment with glutathione can also reduce signs of aging. As time passes and free radicals build up in the body, they can speed up the aging process. High concentrations of free radicals can lead to increased cell damage, resulting in wrinkles and dull skin. Glutathione can help to get rid of free radicals before they cause cell damage. This can make you look youthful for longer.

Glutathione and Athletic Performance

Glutathione IV hydration treatment can also be very helpful for athletes and people who exercise frequently. Free radicals occur when cells use oxygen to produce energy. During exercise, the body needs more oxygen than usual, and this results in an increase in free radicals. When you get an IV treatment with glutathione, you’ll remove free radicals from your body while also boosting your hydration. This reduces cell damage, muscle damage, and recovery time.

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If you’re wondering if a glutathione treatment is right for you, call us and talk to an experienced member of our team. Whether you need this or another type of treatment, we offer a mobile IV service throughout South Florida. Get in touch today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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Why IV Hydration Therapy Should Be Part of Your Plan to Increase Your Water Intake

Every cell in the human body requires water to function. That makes this vital liquid is a key component of good health. Water protects tissues, facilitates the elimination of waste, lubricates joints, and regulates temperature. The amount needed each day varies from one person to another depending on a range of factors including health and activity level.

However, what is certain is that not providing your body with the fluids it needs can be dangerous. Even mild dehydration can make you feel tired and sluggish. Not drinking enough water can also lead to bad breath, constipation, poor skin and hair, and frequent illness.

How to Consume More Fluids

If you’ve noticed signs of dehydration, it’s clear that you need to take in more fluids. While drinking more water is an excellent idea, there are other ways in which you can boost hydration. One of the most efficient and effective options is IV hydration therapy.

If you need a fast way to get additional fluids and electrolytes into your body, this may be the best option. Since the intravenous saline solution goes directly into the bloodstream, you begin to feel the effects almost immediately. For many people, IV hydration therapy is preferable to guzzling bottles of plain water. An added benefit is that the solution can be customized with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

Other ways in which you can increase your fluid intake include:

  • Adding a slice of lemon, cucumber or strawberry to your water. If you get bored with plain water, adding a piece of fruit to your bottle or glass can make water more palatable. If you’re out, you can try sugar-free fruit-flavored water.
  • Eating foods with a high water content. You should get most of your fluids from water and other beverages. However, another way to get more water is to eat melons, citrus fruits, pineapples, cucumbers, and tomatoes.
  • Get a water-filtering pitcher or a whole-house filtration system. If you’re worried about whether the water in your home is safe to drink or you don’t like the taste, a filter can make a big difference.

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No matter what you do, there’s only so much water you can drink. If you’re ill, recovering from surgery or engaging in strenuous activity, you won’t be able to get enough hydration orally. That’s where hydration therapy comes in. We provide an efficient mobile service throughout South Florida so we can visit you in your home, hotel or office. Call us today to ask questions or book an appointment.