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How IV Therapy Can Prepare You for Your Next Big Game

Most sporting and athletic events are on pause for the time being because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, if you’re a sports enthusiast, you’re probably still preparing mentally and physically for when you can get back on the field, court or track again. You may be looking for ways to ensure you’re ready to give of your best when the next big game comes around. You probably have a strategy you used in the past, but have you considered getting IV hydration therapy?

This is an easy, convenient way to increase your energy and hydration before competition. In less than an hour, you can receive fluids, electrolytes, and a customized cocktail of vitamins and minerals. This will help to ensure your body has everything it needs to perform at optimal levels.

The Importance of Hydrating Before Exercise

Many people focus on drinking water and sports drinks during and after intense physical activity. However, you should also hydrate adequately before running, working out, or playing competitively. It’s important to give your body enough time to process the fluids before you begin exerting energy. Instead of gulping down large amounts of water, you should try IV therapy. This allows for maximum absorption of both fluids and nutrients and assists with both performance and endurance.

If you’re well hydrated before the game, your body has fluids to draw on when you begin to sweat. In addition, proper hydration ensures that your blood volume is at its highest and this helps your cardiovascular system to function effectively. Rehydrating simply by drinking liquids may not be enough if you’re training hard.

Even if you don’t feel like you lack fluids, you will notice the effects in your strength and endurance. In any case, drinking too much can actually cause problems. Drinking plain water can dilute the electrolytes in your body and make you feel tired. Therefore, IV hydration is often the best way to go for athletes and sportspeople who have a big event coming up.

Contact IVMeNow to Have All Your Questions Answered

If you’re curious about IV hydration but you’re not sure if it is right for you, call IVMeNow to get further details. We offer a convenient mobile service throughout South Florida and the treatment is administered by trained nurses. Whether you want to book and appointment or learn about the types of treatments we offer, we’ll gladly take your call.

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