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Is IV Therapy Really Better than Oral Supplements?

When you look at the cost of a session of IV therapy and the price of the average oral supplement, you may be tempted to try the supplement. However, the decision to invest in your health shouldn’t be based on cost alone. IV therapy can boost your health and wellness in ways that oral supplements simply can’t. While supplements are easily accessible, the science says you’ll benefit more from IV vitamin therapy.

What Happens When You Take Oral Supplements

Vitamins taken by mouth go through a complex and relatively inefficient process to make it into the bloodstream. Water-soluble vitamins have large molecules and they can’t go directly from your intestines to your bloodstream. They have to cross a layer of cells that doesn’t easily allow them to pass. The vitamins need a sodium-dependent multivitamin transporter to get through, but these are limited in capacity. Each vitamin, therefore, has to compete with the others to get into the bloodstream. You may even pass out some of these vitamins before they can be absorbed. As a result, as little as 20 percent of these vitamins may make it into your bloodstream.

Another thing to consider is that the cells which line the intestinal tract can only transport vitamins if they are healthy. Several factors limit the absorption of nutrients including:

  • Chronic alcohol use
  • Smoking
  • Infections
  • Stress
  • Medication
  • Inflammatory conditions including diabetes and Crohn’s disease

If your intestinal lining is compromised, it will impact your ability to absorb nutrients.

What Happens When You Get IV Vitamin Therapy

Taking vitamins and nutrients via the intravenous route is completely different. The infusion delivers 100 percent of each vitamin into your bloodstream by bypassing the digestive system. You get a much higher concentration of vitamins than you can ever get via oral intake. Immediately after getting your treatment, you begin to benefit from increased hydration and the effects of the vitamins kick shortly after. You’ll feel better for days or even weeks after getting a personalized cocktail in your IV.

While a vitamin drip may cost more than a bottle of multivitamin capsules, it’s well worth it. Vitamin deficiencies are responsible for a wide range of health issues including fatigue, headaches, recurring infections, difficulty losing weight and dry skin. When you get a high concentration of nutrients, you can begin to find relief.

Schedule Your IV Therapy Treatment Today

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