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The Best Reasons to Use Weight Loss IV Therapy

Do you feel like you’re constantly having issues with weight loss? You eat a balanced diet, find time to exercise and yet, not much is changing? Maybe you hit a plateau? Maybe all you feel like you need is a boost! We have an answer: weight loss IV drip therapy. It may be the boost you’re looking for.

There are several reasons why weight loss can become more difficult. That’s because there are many factors that can affect our results. Busy days and low energy, hormonal imbalances, sleep deprivation, etc. can all be contributing factors that mitigate weight loss.

Weight loss IV drip therapy can be an essential tool in aiding in your weight loss goals.

Here we’ll discuss some of the best reasons to use IV therapy for weight loss. It is naturally formulated to aid the body in breaking down fat and utilize it for energy. When the body has all the tools it needs to burn fat efficiently, it works better and helps us lose weight more easily.

Here are a few reasons to give your metabolism a boost with weight loss IV drip therapy.

Maintaining, optimizing, and restoring energy levels

When looking to lose weight, the first aspect to figure out is how you can lower your caloric intake. This means you’re taking in fewer calories than you’re burning, which usually leads to fat burn and ultimately, weight loss. However, consuming lower quantities of food usually comes with a dip in energy levels.

IV therapies often provide a huge dose of electrolytes to help you feel energized much faster.

When you’re feeling more fatigued, it’s much easier to consistently fall back into bad food habits and make it harder to lose weight.

Some IV fluids contain a B-complex component that is significant in supporting the heart and metabolism. B-complexes also help to boost energy and beat that daily sluggishness we sometimes encounter. If you are dealing with a B-vitamin deficiency, you may find that it can be harder to lose weight. Increasing B-complex vitamins can remedy fatigue and make losing weight easier.

Having an efficient metabolism is the goal and it’s the key to keeping weight under control. Even if you once had a fast metabolism, with time and age it will eventually slow down. Our weight loss IV drip therapies can help your body combat this decline with vitamins that help support your body and your goals.

Better sleep

Sleep isn’t just for rest, it’s for recovering and healing the body. This helps to repair any abnormalities our bodies encounter in our daily lives. Vitamin deficiencies can not only hinder your energy levels but also cause irregular sleep. Without proper rest and recovery, sleep deprivation can interfere with hormonal balances and cause you to hold on to the excess fat.
Key vitamins and regular sleep is the body’s secret to thriving daily and operating at its peak. Maximize absorption and feel your best.

Vitamin absorption

It’s unusual for anyone to absorb 100% of what they eat or drink. Most people only absorb 15%-25% of their oral minerals and vitamins. With IV therapy, absorbing the necessary vitamins and minerals to get your body to optimal levels is close to 100%.

When your body has the tools to operate, it helps you work better.

Recovering from workouts

When you’re tired or deal with a full schedule, it can be hard to motivate yourself to stay consistent in a gym routine. Even more so when you’re sore. This means if you could have access to a faster recovery, working out again could feel less daunting.

When your body is under constant strain, any level of deficiencies could be causing quite an inconvenience.

Burning fat

These weight loss IV therapy formulas are designed to help the fat-burning process, also known as lipolysis. They help to break down fat and burn calories much faster.

Muscle Growth

In addition to helping boost your metabolism, weight loss IV therapies also help to prevent fat from depositing and aid in muscle building. Lean muscle is the foundation for a faster metabolism and lower body fat percentage.

Better hydration

We’ve all probably heard it a thousand times: hydration is very important. It’s essential for accelerating the metabolism, using energy, and burning fat. Without the proper amounts of water in your system, your body cannot maintain the necessary energy levels to continue to burn fat. IV therapy can help get the hydration you need to keep your body at its best.

Adrenal boost

IV therapy for weight loss can help you fight adrenal fatigue. Giving your adrenal gland a leg up can help burn more calories than you consume, making weight loss much more attainable and efficient.

Overall, if you’re looking to help boost weight loss, weight loss IV drips can be a wonderful addition to a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. With a little help from a combination of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients formulated to help speed up your metabolism, your weight loss goals can absolutely be attainable.

What Is The Process For Weight Loss IV Therapy?

The process for a weight loss IV therapy drip is fairly simple. A certified professional will schedule a time to go to you — day or night, weekdays or weekends. The at-home weight-loss IV drip therapy is similar to an IV you would get in a doctor’s setting or clinic. They will administer the IV directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestion process so you attain 100% absorption of all the nutrients.

While the IV is being administered, you can read, watch television, and relax while being in the comfort of your own home.

How long does it take?

Each treatment can vary. Weight loss IV drip therapies can take anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes. From set up to break down and cleanup, it may take about an hour and a half total.

Can I return to my normal schedule?

It should be noted that you should avoid stressing the puncture site on your arm and avoid intense activity for about 24 hours after your treatment. Ideally, you’ll be able to start vigorous exercise the day after your weight loss IV drip therapy. There is virtually no recovery time and you’ll feel more energized and healthy as a result of your treatment.

Weight Loss IV Tips:

  • Avoid fasting before a treatment
  • Have a meal or snack before starting your treatment
  • Have a few glasses of water to enhance your response to the IV

IV Hydration Therapy is a natural and very low-risk treatment. At IV ME NOW, we pride ourselves on ensuring you receive the highest quality treatment that meets every safety standard while using top-of-the-line equipment.

Considered Weight Loss IV Therapy To Help You Reach Your Goals? Call IV ME NOW!

The IV ME NOW weight loss IV services can help you lose weight quickly and safely to return to a more active lifestyle. If you’re interested to learn more about weight loss IV therapy, visit us at ivmenownyc.com or schedule an appointment!

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